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Comrade! The Motherland needs immediate protection! The Soviet Union is under attack! The enemy? A despicable capitalist force from Outer Space!

---How to Play---

  • You control two space ships at the same time. One shoots at those capitalist abominations, while the other blocks incoming attacks.
  • Assemble both ships, to overcharge your patriotism and gain extra firepower!


  • PS4 / Xbox Controller (Recommended!)
    • Move Gun: Right Stick/Buttons
    • Move Shield: Left Stick/D-Pad
    • Shoot Gun: Right Trigger/Right Bumper
    • Pause: Start/Options
  • Keyboard
    • Move Gun: Left Arrow and Right Arrow
    • Move Shield: A and D
    • Shoot Gun: Space Bar, Right Control
    • Pause: Escape



Developed by CerosWare for the Bullet Hell? 2019 Game Jam.

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