Hug 'Em Up is a beat 'em up where you don't beat 'em... you hug 'em <3

You're Aiki, a cute sweet rabbit. One day Pada Lustro, an evil wizard, cast a spell over the forest, and suddenly all the animals became sad or angry! Oh no! But fear not! Aiki has such a pure heart, that the spell made no effect on her.

Now it's her turn to show the evil wizard that love, not violence, is always the answer!

---How To Play----

Before HUGging your friends in need, you must first DODGE their incomings attacks!
Otherwise, they'll BLOCK you, and you'll be exposed! You can make your friends attack faster if you TAUNT them.

Once you get a good grip on them, start tapping the HUG button as fast as you can! The same goes when they're the ones shaking you around (RELEASE button).

  • HUG/RELEASE: Left Arrow / J
  • TAUNT:  Up Arrow / I
  • DODGE: Right Arrow / L

---Tech/Code Used----

  •  Unity
  • InControl, TK2D and Spine (for asset and input management)

Developed by CerosWare for the Game Maker's Toolkit 2018 Game Jam.


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I Saw My Snow Leopard Plush And A Raccoon Girlfriend Is Having Love, Hugging Some Toys! CUUTTTEEEE!! 🥰

Link Is Here:

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Hello I'm the moon and I played yout game on Brawlers Avenue: